Saturday, October 25, 2014

Gelek Rimpoche's 75th Birthday

Tomorrow - Gelek Rimpoche's 75th Birthday - This evening in New York City there will be a special gala event (with musical guests Paul Simon and Philip Glass, and more) hosted by the painter Francesco Clemente, a "diamond birthday celebration", in his New York studio.

On Sunday, in Ann Arbor, at the Jewel Heart Center, celebrations continue - Tenzhuk (Long Life) Puja at 11.00 a.m. and a Joyful Birthday Reception at 3.30 p.m.

For more on Jewel Heart - see here

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The Jewel Heart You Tube Video Channel (an invaluable resource for teachings) - see here

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday's Weekly Round-Up -194

[Kate Moss in her Bella Freud "Ginsberg Is God" fashion sweater]


Bella Freud is painter Lucian Freud's daughter and an eminent fashion designer. A while back we featured the sweater!

but, good lord, how could we have forgotten the candle?

ベラ・フルード(Bella Freud)テキスト入りガラスケースキャンドル Ginsberg 1

and how too to forget the perfume?

Ginsberg is God Eau de Parfum

Too easy to mock the advertising copy. So, let's go ahead and mock the advertising copy - "For Men and Women" (well, at least no Beat sexism there!) - "Enriched with black pepper and elemi and infused with sacred woods and resins that act as the scents for temples and gods, leaving the inner sense of serenity, (uh?) which is made up of wormwood, moss and leather" (!)

Beats-ploitation - It's been a while since we glanced at the phenomena of Beat exploitation,  Beat co-option (see vintage posts on that subject here, and also here) . You might also recall Allen's recent discussion here (about sensibilities that "seem to go beyond that and penetrate the consciousness in a way that permanently arms consciousness against mind control"  (and likewise against facile ironic "hipster" perversion). The commodification of the Beats. Might as well get used to it, it's not going to go away.

Light T-Shirt

Allen Ginsberg Gifts Women's Dark Pajamas

Moving on...

Jack Kerouac's (most likely) very last interview, sad and belligerent, (with St Petersburg Times reporter, Jack McClintock) was published in October 12 1969, just nine days before he died and has been resurrected and is now available on-line for reading here 

Interviews - A couple of weeks ago we mentioned John Tytell's new book of Beat Interviews, (just out from Beatdom Books), but, indefatiguable Beat scholar and historian that he is, he's also got another book out - Writing Beat And Other Occasions of Literary Mayhem (published this month from Vanderbilt University Press)   

 "As he interviewed, drank, traveled, and survived countless moments with some of these literary legends, Tytell discovered much about the craft of nonfiction and biography, and the nature of history. Writing Beat demonstrates, through Tytell's growth as a professor and historian of the Beats, lessons learned and hazards encountered for those aspiring to become writers themselves".

Andy Roberts article on Allen's acid poem (LSD poem), Wales Visitation - "No Imperfection in the Budded Mountain", originally published last year by the Psychedelic Press is another piece well worth seeing now available on-line  

Last Spring's moving memorial for the great and much-missed painter, friend-of-the-Beats, Robert LaVigne (including footage of him and heart-felt recollections by his Seattle friends) is now on-line - See here  

The LA Times has been going through its photo-archives and reminded us of this delightful shot - Allen -  no, no not dead, just meditating (with his foot in a cast)! 

Ginsberg meditates despite broken leg
["Ginsberg Meditates Despite Broken Leg" - Photograph by Tony Barnard, published May 13, 1973 in the Los Angeles Times]

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Philip Lamantia's Birthday

Philip Lamantia's birthday today. He would have been 87. We take the occasion to remind you once again of Garrett Caples and Andrew Joron's exemplary edition of the Collected Poems 

Here's the two of them giving a presentation on it (from September of last year)

Here's our own extensive Lamantia posting(s) - Allen on Lamantia - here 

and here, here,  here,  here, and here

Happy Birthday in Eternity, Philip

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Harold Norse

[ Harold Norse (1916-2009) - "Poet Harold Norse in his apartment kitchen, 157 Albion Street, San Francisco, May 28, 1988 - For HN with old affection from Allen Ginsberg- AH" - Photograph by Allen Ginsberg]

[Harold Norse executing a tour jete en l'air, circa 1938]

Harold Norse's Selected Poems have just appeared lovingly presented in an essential little edition from Talisman House

Here's Harold singing the praise of William Carlos Williams and recollecting how he first met Allen

"…Earlier, as a matter of fact, in 1944, Allen Ginsberg and I met on the subway in New York. it was about four in the morning and I was going home to my room in the Village, Greenwich Village, and I saw this young boy of about eighteen with eye-glasses and a red bandana around his neck reciting poetry. There was nobody else in the whole train, And at the stops, I heard parts of what he was reciting and it was French and I realized it was (Arthur) Rimbaud. And the first thing I said to Allen Ginsberg was, "Rimbaud!". And he said, "You're a poet!". And at that ppoint we began talking about it. He ended up with me in my small room on Horatio Street, Greenwich Village, talking till seven o'clock in the morning. He showed me his unpublished poems (he hadn't published any yet - and I'd published a long poem in Poetry magazine called "Key West", which is also in my first book, The Undersea Mountain…."    

From the same session, here he is  reading  "the first poem that I wrote in San Francisco" - "At The Cafe Trieste" (a poem that, as Neeli Cherkovski points out, in his Introduction to the Talisman Selected, "begins with Norse's description of reading Virgil's Eclogues and ends in a corner cafe")  

Here's more Harold Norse recordings from the similarly-essential Harold Norse Of Course (recorded in Amsterdam and originally released on cassette tape in 1984 by Ins and Outs Press, now re-released and available on CD from Unrequited Records) - "I'm Not A Man" and his sequence "The Muhammad Poems" 

 Eddie Woods' recollections of Harold Norse in Amsterdam may be read here 

Here's the 91-year-old Harold in 2007 at the Beat Museum reading "I Am In The Hub of The Fiery Force", the title poem of his 2003 Collected   

Here's the cover of the most recent edition of his Memoirs of A Bastard Angel - A Fifty Year Literary and Erotic Odyssey  (with a preface by James Baldwin

Here's, last year, Todd Swindell discoursing on Norse, the man and the achievement.
Todd Swindell has been a devoted student and custodian of Harold's work, since 2000, when they first got together, before Norse's death. From a contemporaneous SF Weekly article - "Swindell cleans Norse's apartment, organizes his papers, proofreads his letters and runs the occasional errand. Mainly though Swindell and Norse simply talk. When they get together, Swindell, 27, recalls his experiences as a young gay man growing up in straight-laced Orange County, and talks about his work with ACT UP S.F. Norse, 84, recalls his experiences as a young bi-sexual man growing up in New York..".."Swindell first discovered Norse as a teenager when he ran across a copy of…Carnivorous the Orange County Public Library. Living in that hotbed of conservatism, Swindell figured it was only a matter of time before the powers-that-be discovered the provocative book of gay liberation writing in their midst and purged it. So, with a tinge of regret, he stole it. "More than any other gay poet, he touched a nerve to me." Swindell says, "at a time  when I had no one, I had Harold's poetry. It's very erotic, and I came from an unerotic repressed environment". 

Greg Bayson's note in LGBTQ

Harold Norse at the American Museum of Beat Art

Four Harold Norse obituary notices from 2009 here, here, here and here

Todd Swindell keeps, the memorial web-site laudably up-to-date (Scroll down to see, for example, Norse's extensive CAAS (Volume 18)  (Gale Research Contemporary Authors Autobiography Series) entry.)